Who is NOT eligible for ACE Funding

  • Private events not open to the public. 
  • Events held outside of Sat Lake City limits. 
  • Events that receive funding from the City’s General Fund budgeting process or a non-competitive process. 
  • Events, organizations and event applicants that have a history of sustained complaints from previous years from residents, event vendors and City staff. 
  • An event or organizer who has not met the City’s Special Event Permit deadlines from previous years. 
  • An event or organizer whose past event debts have not been reconciled with the City and/or event vendors.
  • An event with a primary focus on fundraising. (While ACE funding is available to organizations/groups hosting events that charge admission, funding is not available to support events with a primary focus on fundraising. Events receiving ACE Funding must have a significant programming (arts, culture, neighborhood awareness, etc.) element

In addition, repeated violations of City Special Event and Salt Lake County Health Department requirements will negate an event organizer’s eligibility to receive ACE Funding.