Director of Communications

Matthew Rojas was born and raised in the Salt Lake area. He has spent most of his career dedicated to the issue of LGBTQ equality, and served as the Director of Membership for Lambda Legal, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to fighting for LGBTQ equality in courts around the country. In this role, Matthew served a key function in the organization’s communication strategy, with a focus on data driven, person-to-person, multi-channel marketing. Matthew has also assisted other national nonprofits and groups in developing messaging and strategy to reach key audiences.



Holly Mullen

Deputy Director of Communications

Holly Mullen was born in Salt Lake City, and grew up in the Salt Lake County suburb of Holladay. She attended Northern Arizona University for 1 1/2 years, and later transferred to the University of Utah. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications. In her free time, she enjoys local politics, distance running, and various outdoor activities in the Wasatch Mountains.

When asked what she loves most about Salt Lake City Holly said, "I love that the city is always evolving and reinventing itself, and that we are a welcoming to immigrants, refugees and people from everywhere."



David BIER

Content Manager

David Bier was born and raised in the small town of L'Anse, Michigan. He is currently attending Arizona State University, and pursing a Bachelors of Science degree in Public Service and Policy. He enjoys live theatre and music, traveling, and endless cups of coffee.

When asked what he loves most about Salt Lake City, he replied, "Salt Lake City is a diverse, welcoming community that offers opportunity for everyone!"