Mayor Jackie Biskupski and Office of Diversity and Human Rights Statement on U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Immigration Executive Actions

Today, Mayor Jackie Biskupski and Yolanda Francisco-Nez, Coordinator of the Office of Diversity and Human Rights for Salt Lake City, released a statement of disappointment on the Supreme Court’s 4-4 decision in United States v. Texas, which blocked implementation of President Obama’s immigration executive actions:
“We express deep disappointment at the Supreme Court’s decision blocking implementation of President Obama’s immigration executive actions. The decision means the President’s temporary relief programs for undocumented immigrants who are a low-priority for deportation cannot move forward, due to a lawsuit brought by a number of states against the Obama Administration, including Utah.
Salt Lake City filed amicus briefs at every stage of the litigation with Cities for Action, a group of over 100 mayors and county leaders who came together to ensure the voices of local leaders were heard by the Supreme Court on the critical issue of immigration reform.
Yesterday’s SCOTUS decision on administrative relief leaves hundreds of Salt Lake City residents in limbo. According to the Pew Research Center, a 1.8% share of the Utah population could potentially be eligible for relief under President Obama’s plan. Salt Lake City will continue to be a safe and welcoming place for immigrants, with the aim of proactively counteracting fear.
This split decision, along with the vast number of individuals and families affected, highlight the need for continued work, including Congressional action on comprehensive immigration reform. Despite this setback, Salt Lake City will continue to educate and connect immigrant families to help and support and continue the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.”