Further Concerns:

Here on behalf of the Fairpark Community Council. We have been appreciative of M. Biskupskis’ response to our needs, and the implementations of Chief Brown’s new beat policing initiatives. We need MORE police presence along North Temple, specifically for drug trafficking and prostitution.
I would like to see a larger connection and more communication between the SLCPD and community (teenagers) minors who might need more education about the good police do to create a better future and relationship
To report a car break in with no loss of damage, please make option including VIN number. I wanted to report only for stats and possible extra patrol but was annoyed at how much information was required.
Do keep trying to bridge the gap in our community with law peace officers.
I need good relation between the police and the community


I recognize there is always room to improve and I now wish I had commented and said that I appreciate the police and all they do and the service they give to provide law and order. Thank you!
Thank you for hosting this event!
Thank you for your service. Thank you for working on weekends. Thank you for working on holidays. I know you get paid, but your job is not easy. Real heroes don’t wear capes.
Great job Nate!